Good Day , I am writing in reference to a service call today at my mothers house. I wanted to say that the service guy was the best. He took the time to explain the needs of the house and did an excellent and professional job while he was here. If anyone I know EVER needs a plumber I will highly recommend Douglas Orr in Miami Springs.
Thanks Again,
- Mary


Ricky Day and helpers are the best plumbers he has ever worked with. He has been on site for his 3rd day today and will be asking for him whenever we do tower 1 and the common areas.
- Luis Icon Tower 2


Tommy came today and as always he was on time. It was a quick job…just changed the valve.


Manny just wrapped up at Mr. Wylie’s – the customer called to say he did a great job! He is an excellent representative of our company, and we are lucky to have him.Way to go Manny!


David was here Saturday he installed a 4” inch ball valve on our domestic water pipe. We had leak coming through the slab in a pipe we believe was abandoned. David came in and cut the pipe and put in a valve so we could get the rest of the building back up and running. David did a great job for us and helped me out to get the building back in order. Right now I am leaving the pipe the way it is. I have no reason to have to fix the pipe since it does not feed anything anymore.

As of right now I do not need anything but I will keep you guys in mind for any future work I may need done. Actually I believe you guys were going to install a back flow preventer for our domestic water system. It is something the old chief engineer had your company come out and figure out how to tie it in to our system.
Thank you,
-Brian Chief Building Engineer


A long time springs customer came in to place a service call & said that we have a “jewel” in our company – Tania was very sweet!!!


Susan called to say that Manny Rivero did a great job. Everything was perfect & he cleaned up after the work was completed!


Going forward I will make sure you are the plumber on all my Florida projects. Your plumber was well equipped, knowledgable and extremely professional. Luis Duero did a great job.

- Director of Construction – Equinox


Mike (Chief Engineer) at Community Partnership wanted everyone to know that we are lucky to have JR Worley working for us since to he busted his tail yesterday installing a 750 galloon storage tank.


I just saw the results, thank you so much for your assistance, I’m planning on getting some things done in the future, hope you are still interested; rest assured your company will be highly recommended (that’s how I heard from you guys in the first place). Please let Kat, Maria, and Eddy know that I also appreciate their help with this.
- Carmen


Ms. Michael wanted to write a letter & give us a call because Ricky Day went out for a service call yesterday & he did such a great job that she felt she needed to write a letter. Now a day – and where we live – it’s hard to find nice, good service & Ricky day was outstanding!!


Customer was so very pleased with Luis’ service and our customer service in the office. Luis did so many things today!!!! She will use us all the time!


Thank you for sending your technician to my house yesterday morning to fix a couple of leaks that I had. Your idea of asking me to take pictures of the fixtures was a good idea, so the tech (Boris) had the parts needed already on his truck. He was very honest and charged only for 1 hour of work, which I highly appreciated. He could have easily “puttered around” and stretched the time needed out. I’m sure I’ll be calling you again for your help…we always need a plumber at some time!! (Is there ever a good time for the plumbing to break?)

- Mike Johnston


Marie called to thank both Eddy and Andres. She was so frantic and worried about her issue – Eddy calmed her down & explained everything to her while Andres was able to complete the repair. THANK YOU DOUGLAS ORR PLUMBING!




Norma called asking to thank eddy – he was able to resolve a problem that other (2) techs could not, and she could not be more grateful to eddy! Great job and thank you so much!


Carlos called this morning after David had wrapped up… He said David was very professional, well trained, very impressed! He will use us again.


Frank Cassidy from Miami Springs had a 1st call w/ Alex Pino today & he called to say that we exceeded his expectations once again! Alex was very prompt & courteous!


They found and repaired a leak between the meter and the house. Orr Plumbing and Angie’s list just saved me $7,411. I had called Stern Bros. plumbing because my water bill shot up to $999.12 a quarter. Stern’ plumber came out, spent a few minutes and and said a leak was between the house and meter somewhere, because the meter kept turning when the house main was turned off.
Stern said it would cost “between $6,000 and $8,000 to replace the whole line, because it could not be repaired. He never looked to see where a leak was, as he said it all had to be replaced anyways, which meant digging up the asphalt drive and some trees.
I told him I would need a written price, he seemed aggravated by that and said he would have to charge me extra for an estimate.

He just wrote $8,000 on an invoice and said it was not guaranteed as it would cost more if they had trouble. The Stern Bros. plumber charged me for the visit and left. I then joined Angie’s list just to get a second opinion, and found that Orr plumbing had very good reviews from customers, so I made an appointment.
They came on time, as agreed, looked for and found a leak in the copper line near the meter, dug it out and fixed it all in one visit for 2 men taking one morning at a charge of $589.00, exactly $7,411 less than the Stern Bros. “non guaranteed” price. The Orr plumber was very knowledgeable, professional and everything about their service was first rate. He just left, and I sat down to write this review. There is no question about who I would and would not call next time.
-William Dunaj


Eddy Villamil did an emergency water heater installation job for me this weekend. He was neat, clean, professional, and did a great job. I’ve used Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. twice before and we are lifetime customers thanks to Eddy and his professional plumbing.
-Anthony Arquimbo


You have a great, professional plumber in Luis Duero. He is continuing today from the job that began yesterday and I am quit impressed with Luis’ work ethic. Great job Luis Duero!
- Tom


Bill was just great! He knew what he was doing and I am so very pleased will Bill Dopico! What great service!
-Laura Jack


Norman did an OUTSTANDING job at my home today. He really knew what he was doing & talked me through everything. I appreciate his experience & knowledge.
- Mr. Walter Livingstone


I wish to call your attention to the excellent repair and maintenance of my plumbing system performed by Norman Ivill, Ruben Valdez, Antonio Marcus and Lewis Muniz. My home is a split level with two full bathrooms upstairs and a kitchen sink downstairs. I have a washing machine in the garage with the laundry waste discharge to the kitchen sink waste line. Over the past many years we have had problems with the kitchen sink backing up. A number of plumbing companies have snaked the stacks form the roof down with temporary success.
I was referred to Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. and scheduled an appointment. Norman Ivill first came by and snaked out the three stacks from the roof. He then performed a task that had not been done by any of the other plumbing companies. He went under the kitchen sink and snaked out the lateral kitchen sink waste line. He then went to the rear of the house where the sewer line runs to the manhole.
Several attempts to clear the line were unsuccessful. It was then decided to have a camera sent down the sewer line to determine the problem. The next day the camera found the blockage near the end of the sewer line. Repairs were made and the sewage line cleared. The kitchen sink liquid waste now discharges very quickly. I will share my positive experiences with the Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. to my friends whenever they inquire about a plumbing company.
-Walter Livingstone


We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding work that Ricky Day provides to our client at 701 Brickell Ave. Ricky’s attention to detail and conscientiousness do not go unnoticed. Our Senior VP, commented that he is always efficient, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. He is always polite and very helpful. Please express our thanks to Ricky for the support he provides to our site on a continual basis.
-Betsy L. Parks, LEED AP
Fidelity Real Estate Company


Thanks for getting out there so quickly. Your tech was great! He called ahead and kept me updated on the progress.
-Lu Ann Lacova, LCAM
Property Manager


I would just like to thank you for the quick and efficient service. I wish I had found this company sooner and will recommend you to everyone I know. Excellent!!
- Samantha Bagot


I have to tell you Luis was great. He called me and told me of the problem we had with the faucet that I bought and he went out to get another one for me. My tenant there said how nice and professional they were. She was very happy and she is not easy to please.

Thank you for all your help with this. I will spread the word on how awesome your company is. When your guys come back can you have them leave some business cards for me to give to people?
Thank you again,
Louis Hubbard


I had my gas heater replaced some time ago and always meant to tell you what a great job the young man did. His name was Carlos and he did a fine job, was friendly and helpful.
All workers were very professional and courteous and efficient. I will highly recommend them!
They were right on time and very professional. The water heater that was currently in place needed a new pigtail and the outlet needed replacing. The gentleman did not hesitate and let me know he would change these out if I could provide the new ones. He did not charge me additional fees and went the extra mile to ensure all went smoothly. All was installed and he was much accommodating to ensure I was satisfied. I received a couple of discounts so I knew they were giving me the best deal available.


Everything went really smooth. Calls were returned promptly and service arranged immediately upon my availability. Contractor showed up at the agreed upon time. He was courteous, considerate, professional and extremely knowledgeable of the work at hand. Even though it was raining outside, contractor went right into work to fix my problem and looked for the most effective and fast way to have it addressed. He was not looking to kill time or to bill unnecessary hours. I was extremely happy with the service, and although they are not incredibly cheap, you really get your money’s worth with Douglas Orr Plumbing. I highly recommend their services and will use them again at another opportunity.
- Alan


A plumber and helper spent approximately 3 hours doing the work. I supplied the toilet and some other parts. The price reflects a 10% discount on labor with coupon.
- Patricia


We got a very fast response, and the repair was completed faster than expected once the technician was here. These are very friendly and professional folks, and we couldn’t be happier with their work. Our leaky valve problems were solved, and we will definitely use this company for future jobs.
- Rick


Plumber was on time, highly competent and professional. Everything went smoothly. I will always call them in the future when I need a pro.
- Annette


I had a water heater put in. On previous dates of the same month, I had a drain unclogged and a new kitchen faucet installed. All the services were done well and extremely professional. I have always used Doug Orr at my house going back years and I will always recommend them.
- Luis

I totally trust them. They are extremely trustworthy and the work is excellent. The response time, work and price are excellent. I trust anyone they send out. They are the only company I use for home and work.
- Randy


another plumber had wanted to replace the kitchen faucet for more thatn $600. this plumber took it apart, cleaned it out and it works as good as new again for a fraction of that price. the plumber was exactly on tilme, put on clean booties every time he entered the house, ws polite, professional and offered explanations when i asked for them. they are my new plumbing company based on this experience.
- shelley payne


Unclogged a camode at a commercial site. Excellent. Quick, efficient, no hassel service.
- Kip Fisher


They came out quickly and did a great job!


They have come twice and they have been great. They are professional, responsive, and on time.


We had a leak in one of our bathrooms that was running under the floor into the garage. At almost the same time, our hot water heater broke. Orr plumbing fixed both problems the very next day. They fixed the leak, which was a real ordeal as they had to add a new line and replaced the water heater.
Great, Orr plumbing is very fast and professional. I would recommend them to anybody that is in need of a plumbing company you can trust.
- Jason White


I called for the repair of a kitchen sink faucet that was leaking. Andres arrived on time at the agreed hour which during business afterhours. He also helped me with a water filter that was not working quite right and with an old toilet that was running. He replaced the parts needed for the toilet so that it works properly again.

Excellent work. He explained thoroughly why the appliances at my home were not working properly. I am very satisfied with the services of this company, and would call them again should the need arise.
- AnaMaria Rodriguez


This was not a large task, but an urgent one for my family. No kitchen sink with an infant can quickly become an emergency. The plumber arrived at his scheduled time, treated me and my home with respect, and completed the job quickly. I had another small issue in an upstairs bathroom with the shower head and he helped with that as well. He also answered a few other maintenance questions I had about plumbing before he left. I was extremely pleased with the level of service, and will use them again in the future.
- David Robinson


Called in morning, they came and did work in afternoon. Subsequently, they discovered i was elgible for a $450 rebate from the gas company. They did the paperwork for that and sent it to me for signature.


Plumber called to fix faulty kitchen faucet for 84 year old mother. He arrived promptly and was courteous and professional. Turned out that her dishwasher was connected to the cold water instead of the hot water. This was a surprise to us. He connected the dishwasher appropriately. The charge was for 2 hours of work and they gave her a 10% senior discount. He left the area clean and neat.


I had a leak around the base of the toilet. They came out and they needed to get on the roof to take care of the issue, had something to do with a possible blockage. They explained it to me very throughly to me.
They fixed it and I did not have any issues since then. It did not take very long and he was very good.
We used Douglas Orr Plumbing to install a new hot water heater.
They did the job within the expected budget and we were happy with the job.


They are pretty good. They are friendly and professional and they were definitely quick to come out. It took the guy about 45 minutes to get everything worked out.
- Anthony Johnson


We had a crazy high water bill. I called, they came, diagnosed the problem, made the fix, checked my water meter and made sure they solved the problem all in about 30 minutes. He was very helpful and suggested while he was there that he check a couple other things and noticed that my toilet flappers were all fairly old. He said for $4 each, he could fix it in 10 minutes and did that as well. He was very efficient and helpful.
Great experience, highly recommend, even for a very tiny job.
- Amy Charley


Replaced kitchen faucet fixed leak in dishwasher fixed pop-up in bathroom sink. The plumber did an wxcellent job from start to finish. My only concern is the price. It seemed excessive for the time heworked.
- henry harris


Fixed a leaking toilet, installed a new main water line faucet, connected an icemaker to a water line, changed the water heater faucet. Eddie arrived on time, inspected the work to be done, explained to me how he was going to proceed to do it in the least amount of time. Eddie was polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. In my opinion, he is an asset to his company.


We had a toilet that was not flushing properly, it was a problem in going to the septic system and they came in and snaked it from both, the toilet itself and also from the roof and all went to the septic tank.
They were excellent. They spent two hours doing the work and everything now is well. I have used them in the past, I got them from Angie’s List and I would definitely use them in the future. I am planning to do so shortly for my daughter.
- Robert Gottlieb


The technician that came checked our home for leaks, in a variety of ways, including adding dyes to toilet bowls, replaced toilet flaps and educated us on how to check our meter for indications of leaks (there is a tiny triangle in our meter that turns very rapidly when any faucet is just barely dripping as we learned). No evidence of leaks was found. But we now feel more confident our toilets wont be the culprit and know how to check going forward.
- Manuel Prieto


I called the plumber to deal with a clogged pipe in the kitchen but also had him check a couple of leaky faucets in a bathrooms and a leaky toilet.
He was punctual, and, using a snake, cleared the sink clogged pipes from outside the house in about 20 minutes. He than took care of my other problems all the while explaining how they had happened and what I could do to avoid them happening again.
It was great experience and I would definitely use them again. My only regret is that I forgot to use the coupon, but they were so reasonable that I still feel I got a great deal.
- Keith Robinson


As A representative of CMC Construction, I would like to express my opinion of Doug Orr Plumbing Inc. They are very professional and energetic organization. Their long track says a tremendous amount about their credibility and customer respect. We at CMC have done many projects with them and they are ahead of schedule within the budget and done in a clean professional manner. Their integrity cannot be matched by anyone else in the trade. From bid time C.O. they are a pleasure to work with and depend on. Please accept this as CMC Construction Approval of Doug Orr Plumbing Inc.
-Kenette Batchelor
Vice President of Field Operations
CMC Construction, Inc


Douglas Orr Plumbing has worked with us on healthcare projects in the past 2 years; Homestead Hospital Daycare, #rd Floor patient Beds and Coral Springs Medical Center ED Expansion and Renovation. In both previous Homestead projects and current Coral Springs project; Douglas Orr Plumbing has performed and is performing as a valuable partner to the project team and as an excellent plumbing subcontractor. Time and again; when faced with project complexities; Douglass Orr Plumbing steps up to the plate and performs.
As always; please let me know if you have any questions.
-Jesse Reyes
School Director
Divine Savior Academy


Divine Savior Academy, located on 10311 NW 58th Doral FL, recently had the opportunity to work with Douglas Orr Plumbing in the construction of a 44,300 square foot addition. The scope of work included a science lab, gymnasium and locker rooms, art room, typical school bathrooms and plumbing fixtures and exterior drainage. We found their work to be very well done and their company very professional. They delivered the job on time and under budget and we would not hesitate to use them again on future projects. Should you have further questions I can be contacted at 786-374-4356.

-Pastor Carlos Leyrer


I have been in the Constuction Industry for 38 years, 33 of which has been in a management position. I have been using Douglas Orr Plumbing for most of those years. To be successful in this business you must surround yourself with Subcontracors who solve problems instead of creating them. That’s why I use Douglas Orr Plumbing. “They make me look good.
-John (Rusty) Cernogorsky
Sr. Project Manager


We have had a working relationship with Douglass Orr Plumbing for over 20 years. Thay have the resources to bid a wide variety of plumbing related work, both commercial and residential, in a timely fashion. Some of this work is beyond the capabilities of other plumbing companies.
They have the excellent team of estimators, supervisors and field personnel that keep things moving once construction begins. In short, they are the real deal and not just fancy salesmanship and empty promises. If you are in a hurry or just want to be sure that the work is performed legally, professionally, and on schedule then I would highly recommend Douglas Orr Plumbing for your plumbing needs.
-Tim KJmmons, President
Kimmons Builders Inc.


Swire properties has maintained a valued relationship with Douglas Orr plumbing for over 14 yaers completing seven major hi-rise projects as well as several smaller. They have been a major factor in the success of our buildings on Brickell key.
Not only has Douglass Orr Plumbing led by Wayne Orr successfully completed the construction phase, they have provided excellent support during the design development and budget process, working with our engineers to discover more cost effective methods to build.
During the years of the construction boom in south Florida or over the past couple difficult years there are only a few contractors that stand out for their continued loyalty and support, Douglass Orr Plumbing is one of the few.

We would confidently recommend douglass orr plumbing as a select and reliable contractor and look forward to working with them in the future.
-Jeff Benson
Swire properties, Inc


The following to thank you and Joe Sanford for a great performance at chilled water piping renovation project in Miami Dade College, Kendall campus. All work was performed in a very professional manner and most important of all it was done on schedule and with the high quality standards we are use to get it from Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. I will definitely recommend your company to perform any kind of plumbing work in the future.
Thanks again for all your hard work and efficiency.
Please contact me via email at jgoyco@t-and-g.com or by telephone at 786-433-4765 if you have questions or require additional information.
Jorge Goyco
Project Manager


Boris is great…Customer just called to say Boris is the best plumber they’ve seen from us yet, very professional, and precise – excellent plumber – he is quite satisfied with Boris!
-Palazzo Del Mare


Matt is great! — Matt was out for service this morning and he was awesome – he was spot on – took care of problem quickly and is highly qualified – great job – very happy.
Ricky did an awesome job. He took care of the situation and didn’t leave any debri around the jobsite.
– Thank you,
David Gables’ Plaza B/F


Customer Mark Weiss had service today w/ Boris. He said he did an excellent job. He diagnosed the problem right away, he cleaned up everything after he was done. He was very professional & personable. He will defiantly request Boris the next time he needs service!!


Dear Orr Managers,
Once again, thank you for your very professional operation. From the first contact to the installation, all my contacts with your company were first class. The plumber, Steve, was excellent and helpful.
I will always rely on Doug Orr Plumbing and recommend my friends to you.
Marilyn Moore
Miami Springs