Should I Buy A Tankless Water Heater In Fort Lauderdale FL?

should I buy a tankless water heater in Fort Lauderdale FLThere has been a lot of debate around whether tankless water heaters are better than the traditional tank-type heater that most of us have in our homes already.  The main attraction to a tank-type heater is that it costs less than a tankless water heater, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor at all.  When considering that a water heater – whether it has a tank or not – helps keep you and your family comfortable, doesn’t it make sense that you have the best system available to you?  I think so, and that is why I have come up with a lot more pros than cons on why you should invest in a tankless hot water heater.  Let’s have a look at a few benefits of making the switch:

  • Compact Units Save Space

The first obvious feature of a Tankless Hot Water Heater is that it saves you a lot of space at home.  That’s because it obviously doesn’t come with a bulky tank that takes up a lot of space in your basement.  The unit is around the size of a medium-sized box, with a few wires and tubes that connect it to your water supply.  We mount it onto your wall which makes it ideal for either indoor or outdoor set up.  Better yet, if you only need a small unit, you can tuck it away inside a cabinet to maximize the space saving genius of a Tankless Unit.

  • Energy Efficient means Cost Effective

Aside from the initial cost of installing a Tankless Unit, the running costs of this water heater is much lower than traditional units.  That is because it is so energy efficient.  A Tankless Hot Water Heater doesn’t have to re-heat the water stored inside the tank each time to turn on the hot water, so it doesn’t use up as much energy.  These units warm water on demand, which also means that you will never have a cold shower when the hot water runs out!  That’s a big bonus in our books!

  • Longevity

Compared to traditional hot water heaters, the tankless heater has a much longer lifespan.  Conventional tank-type heating units have a lifespan of around 10 to 11 years, which might seem great until it breaks!  A Tankless heater has a lifespan that is double that!  The average lifespan of these units range between 20 to 22 years, which means that you get to enjoy hot showers for years to come.

  • No Flooding!

Not many people realize the importance of having a hot water heater unit that doesn’t flood, until their home is flooded.  That is arguably one of the best benefits of going tankless.  You don’t have a bulky tank that requires constant maintenance or extensive cleaning.  You also won’t have to contend with any holes that may form in the tank, which if left unattended, could lead to a flooded basement.

If you have been asking “should I buy a tankless water heater in Fort Lauderdale FL”, this article gives you an idea whether tankless water heaters are better than a traditional tank-type heater. You may also want to read this article to learn how to prevent rust in your water heater tank.

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