A Fort Lauderdale Resident’s Guide to Sewer Line Cleaning

sewer line cleaning fort lauderdaleSewer line cleaning in your Fort Lauderdale home can become a necessity for many reasons.  Sewer pipes require cleaning due to the age and inevitable deterioration.  Though these are designed and built to last for years, because the factors mentioned, these may need to be replaced periodically.   Other than considering replacement, other homeowners in Broward County FL call an expert plumber for a sewer cleanout.

Backed Up Sewer Lines

    • One reason your sewer line may be backed up is because of the intrusion of old tree or plant roots in between. They might have only recently entered your line but more often than not they have been spreading through a breach in your sewer line for quite some time now.
    • The cleaning process of the sewer line begins with a video inspection as a tiny camera is placed into the pipe at different points to move around inside in an attempt to locate the source of the clog or block.
    • You can also call Douglas Orr Plumbing, your local professional plumber in South FL, to use a hydro cleaning method to blast way the clog or a sump or vacuum method if he or she thinks they can get it to move out.
    • In case the clog is too extensive or if you have severely damaged pipes then your sewer line cleaning may turn into sewer line replacement finally. One thing to remember is that one of the easiest ways to protect your sewer line is with regular cleaning so that it remains free of clogs.


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