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Whether you view a garbage disposal as an absolute necessity or an extravagance, there is one unfortunate middle ground: when it breaks, it’s a problem.

Garbage Disposal Tips by Plumbers Fort Lauderdale

Garbage disposals were invented to help cut down household garbage waste. The concept is simple: the device pulverizes food waste so that it can be washed down your drain into your sewer or septic system, cutting down on your overall household garbage.

The device is a part of your entire sink, so when it is not working, your sink is also inoperable, causing headaches and immediate need for servicing.

The most common reasons for garbage disposal repair are:

    • grease or other clogs in the pipe
    • leaks in the flange or drain line
    • motor issues – flywheel, grinder, bearings, gaskets, etc.
    • electrical problems

Why You Need a Fort Lauderdale Plumber

    • The main thought to keep in mind when repairing a garbage disposal is that it is considered a small kitchen appliance and is therefore capable of serious injury.
    • The motor, while small, is very powerful: it turns at a speed of 1700 revolutions per minute.
    • One would not want to get his/her hand  – or anything else – caught up in a motor like this when trying to fix it alone. This is one of the main reasons to call in a plumber.
    • Another reason for garbage disposal repair can be tricky is due to the variety of small things that can be broken within the unit but not visible to someone who is not an expert.
    •   The repair may appear to be a small leak or look like there is a single item backing up or blocking your disposer unit, such as a kitchen utensil or hard piece of plastic.
    •  The problems tend to be much deeper than this when dealing with a garbage disposal repair issue and can’t be detected by someone not trained to look for the root issue. This is a secondary reason to call a plumber.
    • The third reason to call a plumber when your garbage disposal needs repair is that there is fairly significant electrical wiring in the unit.
    • It is a motor, and it doesn’t work properly when all the connections aren’t working the way they should. Unless you really know what you are doing, chances are you won’t find the real problem.
    • The last reason to call a plumber to repair your garbage disposal unit has to do with simple physics: garbage disposal units are not light: they can weigh in at over 40 pounds. Any garbage disposal unit is going to mounted under your sink.
    •  Trying to work on something this heavy, from underneath, can cause multiple problems and potential injury to an untrained person.

How to minimize your garbage disposal’s repairs

    • Always use cold water when operating your garbage disposer. Why? Hot water causes and grease or oil going down the drain to melt and then re-solidify, causing a grease block in your pipes. Once this block is big enough, it disrupt your entire sink and garbage disposal unit.
    • Do not put large items in the disposer. Garbage disposers were made to reduce small amounts of food waste, not a five pound ham. Make sure that you are feeding your garbage disposal an amount and size it can handle.
    • Do not put hard items into the disposer. Same idea as above. Putting something hard, like hard candy, bits of plastic, etc., won’t make your garbage disposal happy. Save the large, tough items for your garbage can.
    • Do not put fibrous foods in the disposer. Fibrous food, such as celery, will reek havoc on your motor. The ‘strings’ of fibrous foods can get wrapped around your disposal unit, causing serious shut down.

With good maintenance and occasional check-ups from your plumber,  your garbage disposer should give you a good ten years, if not more. Call your trusted plumbers Fort Lauderdale – Douglas Orr Plumbing at 1-800-DOUGORR today.

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