Identifying and Interviewing Cheap Plumbers in Fort Lauderdale

Cheap Plumbers in Fort LauderdaleChoosing plumbers for any occasion is an investment in time and money. Choosing cheap plumbers in Fort Lauderdale while having a kitchen remodel takes some investigation. After calling three plumbers and getting three estimates, I came to a stark realization: not all plumbers are created alike.

The estimates I received from the plumbers to install new plumbing hardware and reroute a few pipes were surprising.

Plumber 1 wanted $550

Plumber 2 wanted $600

Plumber 3 wanted $1200.

There was a large discrepancy between the costs of Plumber 1 and Plumber 2 and the triple digit estimate of Plumber 3. Why would Plumber 3 deserve so much more money for the same job?

After looking closely at the estimates, I realized that not only was Plumber 3 charging twice as much, he didn’t include the necessary parts of a shut-off valve and PVC piping that were part of Plumber 1 and Plumber 2 estimates.

There are primarily two types of plumbing companies: small-scale family-owned operations, and larger-scale corporations. We had estimates from both kinds.

Large franchised corporate plumbing companies are usually more expensive because they can be working on commission, an impetus to oversell goods and services because your payment is their percentage paycheck. Commercial franchises also have higher overhead like paying franchise fees, maintaining truck fleets and paying extra benefits to employees.

When searching for your right plumber for the job, follow these suggestions:

When possible, get references and call them to check on the plumbing company.

Get a minimum of three estimates to ensure you are comparing the same things.

Avoid plumbers who advertise on radio and television because television and radio advertising is very expensive. The charges will be also to compensate for the advertising budget.

Beware of misleading ads that offer discounts, coupons, or even offer a job for one price and then give you another quote.

Focus on small family-owned plumbing businesses, they make their living from their reputation in the community.

Ensure your plumber has a contractor’s license. Ask for the number and call for endorsement from the Union and the BBB.

Get an itemized parts estimate and then comparison shop as plumbers have a wholesale price and a retail price.

Schedule work on weekdays to avoid high labor costs and special weekend rates at double time.

Finding cheap plumbers in Broward County can be accomplished by following this guide and carefully interviewing three plumbing professionals before you sign the contract.

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