Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips for the Fort Lauderdale Homeowner

how to clean kitchen sinkDone with dinner? Time to soap up the dishes! However, we wash the utensils and the kitchen platform but ignore cleaning the sink. Gradually, the area starts stinking and this is when we realize that we need to start cleaning up.

Now, you don’t need to be an expert to know how to clean a kitchen sink.

There are plenty of simple ways to disinfect the dish washing area, from using chemicals to home made ingredients.

Here are some easy tips:

    • Use a mild and non-toxic cleaner for cleaning dishwasher or stainless steel sinks.
    • For cleaning minor stains you can use white vinegar. Just rub it with the help of sponge and get sparkling clean area.
    • Using a mixture of baking soda with water could also help in cleaning. If the mixture contains more of baking soda then this is a great method to clean stains caused due to rust.
    • A mixture of soda, white vinegar, and water works well for cleaning stainless steel sinks.
    • If your drain has a lot of grime then few drops of citrus oil could do wonders.
    • A paste of baking soda and water is effective for porcelain kitchen sinks.
    • Difficult stains can be removed with the help of de-clogging chemicals that are available in the markets. However, select the chemical with care as all of them will not be useful for your type of workplace.
    • So, make your kitchen sink shine with the technique that you prefer the most. Moreover, do not use abrasive cleaners as they could scratch the surface. After you have finished cleaning, do not forget to wash the complete area with plenty of water.

Make sure to take extra care of your fixtures and sink to avoid clogs and major plumbing problems.  If you need expert Fort Lauderdale FL plumbers to do any repairs or plumbing appliance installations for your kitchen, call Douglas Orr Plumbing today.

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