Hot Tub Filtration System Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

hot tub filtration systemsIn a warm environment such as Fort Lauderdale, one might question the need for a heated pool or tub. However, hot tubs are perfect for cool winters or even late on a summer night. Hot tubs can be used for relaxation or romances, and are the perfect addition to any outdoor event. But what if the hot tub is not functioning properly? There are  several skilled plumbing experts located in Fort Lauderdale that can get your hot tub up and running, performing the necessary filtration system maintenance.

There are a wide array of hot tub services that plumbers can provide. Common problems with hot tubs include malfunctioning jets, frozen water lines, lack of heat, loss of power, clogged filtration systems, surface damages, faulty lights, or the tub being too dirty. Skilled plumbers in Fort Lauderdale will be able to provide these services, among others.

A clean filtration system will ensure that your hot tub stays clean, and will stop dirt, bacteria, and other filth from ruining your hot tub experience. Many hot tub owners recommend having at least two hot tub filters. The second filter can be used while the first is being cleaned and dried. This ensures your hot tub is properly filtered at all times, and is ready for use whenever you wish to soak in your tub.

To manually clean a filtration system, remove the old filter. Then, spray the filter down with a hose. This simple process should be done every two weeks, though, if the hot tub is used frequently by many people, it should be done more frequently. The filter should be thoroughly cleaned at least every three months. This requires an overnight soak in a non-foaming filter soap, after thorough rinsing. The filter cannot be used until it is completely dry, which is why frequent hot tub users recommend a backup filter.

Certain types of water may require different treatments. If a water creates limescale, you should treat your hot tub with safe acid treatments. Additionally, there are automatic cleaning products that can be used, which will rotate and use a high-power spray on your filters. We can help you keep your hot tub in pristine shape, when you call the professional plumbers in Broward County FL.




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