Get Plumbing Quotes in Fort Lauderdale Before the Plumbing Emergency

plumbing quotes in Fort LauderdaleWhen a homeowner is faced with a plumbing emergency, the first thought in his/her mind is oh dear! What is this going to cost? It is best to be prepared beforehand for the cost expectations than to be presented with a bill that seriously compromises your monthly budget. Here are the questions to ask when requesting plumbing quotes in Fort Lauderdale.

When you talk to the plumbing expert, ask if they are licensed. Ask for the license number so you can call the local Union and check their standing with the organization. If they don’t pay their union dues they may be slack in other areas also.

Ask if this is the total cost of the repair or plumbing job. Most plumbers give a free estimate, but it may just be for labor.

Ask if this is an hourly rate or a flat rate, and then have them break the labor down into understandable categories. If it is a flat rate, be sure to call other plumbers and compare costs.

Ask the plumber when he/she wants to be paid. If they want all the costs up front, be suspicious. A plumber does have more expenses at the beginning of the job because of their material costs, but all the money in advance may allow the plumber to walk away without completing the job.

Ask who is performing the job. Is this the owner and does he have others doing the work? Is this a contractor who subcontracts his plumbing jobs?

Ask for a written guarantee and warranty on parts and labor. Along with a written estimate of the total job costs, you should ask for a written guarantee in case something breaks or leaks after the job is completed.

Finally, ask who will clean up the mess. Some plumbers clean up behind themselves and some don’t. You need an expectation of who will be cleaning the pieces left behind, such as old pipes or fixtures, or just plain dirt.

To have a satisfactory plumbing experience, hire a plumbing profession willing to give plumbing quotes in Broward County and answer all your questions until you know this is the right person for the problem.