The Fort Lauderdale Plumber’s Guide On Basement Floor Drain

Fort Lauderdale plumber’s guide on basement floor drainWe know that we all have one in the house, but how many homeowners really know what it does?  Well, for starters it is the lowest drain in the house, and like all drains it works using the power of gravity.  But there is more to the basement floor drain that just harnessing the power of gravity to prevent flooding in your home.  There are various aspects to a basement floor drain and you might not know what purpose these parts serve.  So, let’s look at the anatomy of a basement floor drain and how it helps you!

  • P-Trap

When you house was built, the basement floor drain was installed long before the floor was poured.  That installation included a P-Trap and a slightly horizontal outlet pipe that ties into the main sewage outlet.  A P-Trap is the bump in a pipe that you can see under sinks and it has an important job.  It was designed to hold a reservoir of water near the opening of the drain to prevent foul odors from seeping into the basement from the sewer.

  • Floor Trap

A basement drain is only effective if the concreate on the basement floor is slightly sloped to guide any water toward it.  A floor trap is fitted to make cleaning any blockages from the drain easier.  While bits and pieces of debris can still make it through the small holes of the trap, it does make it easier to prevent blockages from larger chunks of debris being washed down the drain.

  • Interconnection

The last aspect of any drainage system is what it is connected to, and that is where the interconnection part comes in.  The basement floor drain is usually connected to the draining system of you home, so when it gets blocked up, you have to find the problem fast.  To do this you need to have someone flush the toilet upstairs, while you stay in the basement to see if the water rises in the aperture.  If nothing happens, then the basement floor drain isn’t the issue.  But if it is, you’re going to need to call on a professional to come and help.

We hope that you learned a lot from the Fort Lauderdale plumber’s guide on basement floor drain. Also read this article on how to keep your drains from clogging to prevent inconvenience in your home. And should you experience problems with your drain pipes, just visit or 305-887-1687954-522-8282 or 1-800-DOUG-ORR to schedule a service!

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