Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber

No one likes plumbing emergencies.   But sometimes they are unavoidable and always happen when you least expect them!
Some common plumbing emergencies are:

    • Burst pipes
    • Leaky plumbing fixtues
    • Blocked drains
    • Clogged and overflowing toilets
    • Stopped up sink
    • Gas Leaks
    • Pipe and Wall leaks

Douglas Orr Plumbing is the Most Reliable Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber

Douglas Orr Plumbing can be your trusted Fort Lauderdale emergency plumber with top of the line equipment and highly trained professionals.

Service can mean anything from preventative maintenance to fine tuning to diagnostic services and repairs. We provide a complete preventive maintenance and diagnostic schedule for all our equipment brands.

Faucets, sinks, toilets, water lines, drain lines, slab leaks, water heaters, backflow devices, pumps; if it involves plumbing, we can install it, repair it or replace it!
The Douglas Orr team consists of well-trained professional plumbers. Our field personnel have extensive experience in material and equipment installation, service and preventative maintenance. Our fully trained plumbers respect your time as well as your home and they’ll get the job done right the first time.

What to Do While Waiting for Emergency Plumbers to Arrive

So what should you do when faced with these unexpected circumstances? Call your local plumber immediately!  Follow these steps as you wait:

    • Determine where your main water valve is located. This is the most important piece of information needed for any plumbing emergency.
    • Turn off your water supply. This is especially vital for burst pipes or huge leaks.
    • For a stopped up drain, try using a rubber plunger before pouring in any chemicals.  Use a cup shaped plunger with a wide and flat rim on the obstructed basin. Use this to vacuum the water and then extract the clog.
    • For an overflowing toilet, close the tank shutoff valve first, then open the water closet tank and adjust the float arm. If the flap closes and water stops, test again by flushing.

Tips to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

    • Always inspect your plumbing fixtures including your sink, tub and shower valves.
    • Check your water pressure to ensure it runs in excess of 30psi. Low pressure may lead to sediment buildup or shower head dirt.
    • Run hot water through your sink or drain to prevent buildup of grease and hard water.
    • Randomly inspect your water heater and determine if it is functioning properly.
    • Don’t throw fibrous food in your garbage disposer.
    • Check your drains to ensure that water drains quickly.
    • Dispose of grease and oil separately and do pour them down sinks or drains.
    • Recognize leaks and repair them early before they get worse.
    • Check your stoppers in the bathtub quarterly and make sure it doesn’t have buildup of soap, oil or other types of residue.
    • To prevent pipe buildup, use half a cup of baking soda with vinegar with boiling water and pour into the sink every once in a while.

If you encounter a small dilemma, make sure to solve it and do not wait for these problems to get worse. Waiting may cause more money and damage.

Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to arise. But, when faced with one, call 1800DOUGORR today and we can help you because we are your reliable Fort Lauderdale emergency plumber!