The Importance Of Florida Water Heater Maintenance

Florida water heater maintenanceWe rely on our Water Heating system on a daily basis.  Whether you have a gas operated unit or electric system, you won’t generally need to give it a lot of attention.  Investing in a good water heater can last for over a decade, but even the best systems require a bit of annual maintenance.  If you feel up to the challenge of trying your hand at this yourself, we have compiled a simple, 3-step process that you can follow.

  • Check the Temperature Setting

The first step would be to locate your water heating system in your home.  Then, have a look for the temperature setting dial.  It is usually on the gas valve or behind the electric water heater panel.

Turn the termperature setting down to between 115 and 120 degrees F.

Lowering the temperature helps protect the tank from overheating and save on energy needed to heat the water.

  • Check the T&P Valve

The T&P or temperature and pressure relief valve is vital to the proper operation and overall safety of your unit.  It is relatively simple to check this important feature on your unit.

Start by lifting the T&P valve lever half way and then let it go.  Allowing the lever to rapidly snap back down.

You should hear gurgling noises as the valve allows water to be released into the drain tube.

If the T&P valve doesn’t do anything, then get hold of a professional in Florida to replace it for you.

  • Remove Sediment

The final step in routine water heater maintenance is to clean out sediment from the bottom of the tank.  Sediment build up in a hot water heater tank often leads to the build-up of rust which has a negative effect on the efficiency of your unit.

Place a bucket under the draining pipe and turn the taps for a quick flush out.  A full tank drainage is always best, but that requires a lot of work and should be handled by a qualified water heating maintenance professional in Florida.

When in doubt about how to adequately perform routine maintenance on your water heater, rather call in a professional in your area rather than tinkering yourself.  A quick visit from your plumber is better than a total overhaul of your water heating system.

We hope that you learned the importance of Florida water heater maintenance through our blog today. If you are in need of a new unit due to the new NAECA law, you can check out this water heater buying guide from the Department of Energy. And remember, only let the professionals install your water heater for you. Call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687954-522-8282 or 1-800-DOUG-ORR to schedule a service!

Learn how to troubleshoot your water heater the right way! Watch this video from Expert Village.

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