Should I shut my water off to my home if I am going on vacation?
It depends upon what type of main shutoff valve you have. If you have a ¼ turn type valve, such as a ball value, we recommend shutting if off. If you have a gate valve we recommend against shutting it off because these valves have a tendency to break off in the closed position and this could leave you with no water in your home!

How do I keep my garbage disposer smelling fresh?
Use a natural bacteria enzyme such as Bio-Clean once a week! It will smell great! You can use it for a fresh smelling liter box as well.

Why am I changing my toilet flapper every four or five months?
Toilet bowl cleaner tablets such as “2000 Flushes” typically contain a bleach and is usually chlorine based. Do not use these tablets as they will destroy all the rubber items inside your toilet! Use the kind that hang on the rim of the bowl instead. Also make sure to get a silicone impregnated flapper when you purchase your next one.  This type will hold up better in city water that has a high chlorine content.

Why do my pipes rattle when I turn my faucet on and off?
This is known as water hammer. The air chambers in the walls have leaked out and filled with water. To correct this just follow these steps: First, turn off the water to your house using the valve outside at the water meter. Next, turn on every faucet in the house including the outside hose bibbs and shower valves. After they have been drained, get a shallow pan and disconnect the toilet supply lines allowing the water to drain into the pan. This will ensure that as much water as possible has been drained from your water pipes in the walls. Next, put the toilet supply lines back together and turn all the faucets in the house off. Turn the main water valve back on and wait 10-15 minutes before opening a faucet. This procedure will recharge the air chambers and eliminate the water hammer.

Should I place a cover on my air conditioner condenser during the cooler months?
We recommend against using air conditioner covers because they can trap moisture inside the unit which wreaks havoc on the electronics.