Emergency Disaster Diverted by Fort Lauderdale Plumber: Sewer Main Clogs on Holiday

fort lauderdale plumberDisaster always happens at the most inconvenient moment. Imagine planning Easter Dinner as a newlywed, cleaning the house, planning the perfect menu, setting the table with the good china and crystal, and then, with a happy sigh, heading to the shower to prepare and dress for guests. Imagine stepping into the shower and finding a back-up on the floor of sewage and toilet overflow. Imagine the dismay of knowing guests are on their way, it is a major holiday, and a sewer drain clog is threatening to disrupt the family holiday. Calling a professional Fort Lauderdale plumber will solve the disaster in record time.

A sewer drain clog is a serious plumbing emergency that no homeowner desires, but especially on a major holiday. There are signs and warnings of a major drain clog, such as, water backing up at various points within the home. Not only is water gurgling in the toilet tank, water and sewage are coming out of the shower drain.  Another sign of a sewer drain clog is water bubbling in the toilet when the washing machine is draining. If one appliance or water source is affecting the other drain, then the problem is likely in the sewer main and not the individual appliance.

Check the exterior sewer main to see if there is backup. Unscrew the cap and check for water or sewage collecting in the overflow area. If there is sewage or water, the sewer main is clogged. Now is the time to clean out the sewer main and unclog the pipes. This is the time to either rent a plumbing snake to unclog the drains, use a drain auger, or hire a plumbing professional.

There are ways to avoid this holiday disaster. Do not place anything into the toilet except human waste and biodegradable toilet paper. Sanitary aids, bandaids, bandages, paper towels, kleenex, dirty diapers, and fingernail clippings belong in the trash can. The toilet drain narrows as it moves down the pipe and any of the above materials can cause a major clog. Dispose of all extraneous substances into the trash and not the toilet bowl. In the event that you have taken all precautions to avoid a sewer main clog and the inevitable happens at the worse possible time, call your plumbing professional in Broward County FL to solve your holiday plumbing emergency.

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