Two Best Tools to Solve Your Drain Clearing Problems in Your Fort Lauderdale Home

drain clearingImagine this: You just finished having an awesome party in your Broward County FL home.

You served delicious food, wine and had good friends come over. Now, it’s time to wash the dishes. You then realize that you have a clogged kitchen sink.

Water is draining at a VERY slow rate, and what’s worse – your dishes are half done and the sink is overflowing.

So, what should you do? Try out these two easy drain clearing techniques.

    • Use a plunger – Make sure that you have an apron or house clothes on and not some fancy suit or dress before you use this. Things could get messy and gross once you’ve started pumping out the water. The plunger should be wet and should have water in it. Cover the drain with it and press then pull quickly for about 35 seconds. If you notice that there is a little improvement, continue doing this until the water has completely drained.
    • Get your hands on a plumber’s snake – This tool comes in handy in situations like this. You can buy this from the home improvement section of your local home depot. You don’t need to be an expert or a certified professional to learn how to use it. It looks like a long wire that you can insert into a drain to push the clog or obstruction. Because of its length, this tool can reach into the deepest places within your drain that makes it even more useful.

So, which one worked for you? Which tool do you recommend? If you haven’t been successful in any of these methods, then give your local plumber in Fort Lauderdale a quick phone call to schedule a service and resolve your drain problems.

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