Easy Drain Cleaning Tips for Your South FL Home

Drain CleaningWe can’t avoid having occasional drain clogs at home. However, instead of buying  chemicals, some people (myself included) would rather try out a home made mixture instead of heading straight to the hardware or supermarket to buy drain cleaning solutions.

So, I found this short and brief article on making a DIY drain cleaner that is eco-friendly and won’t sting your skin.  Read on and follow this step by step guide in making an all natural drain cleaner!


How to Make a Homemade Drain Cleaner

Your sink is clogged and running slowly, but chemical drain cleaner is seriously scary stuff. If something can burn you if it touches your skin, then you don’t want to be dumping it into the groundwater for fish and wildlife to contend with. For a clean, fresh-smelling drain, try this simple, eco-friendly homemade drain cleaner before you call a plumber or pour a caustic substance down the sink.


Aside from cooking, these handy home ingredients can actually be of good use for your clogs and pipes! Once you have your  baking soda and vinegar ready, you need to know the best ways to utilize these  to help you clear your drains.  Read through and find out more!


Ways to Clean A Sink Drain With Vinegar & Soda

A clean sink is a happy sink.You may be washing vegetables or leaving your dinner dishes in the sink, but keeping it clean is important. Preparing foods in the sink requires proper sanitation. Using non-abrasive natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda may keep your sink clean and your drain unclogged. Not attending to the sink may spread bacteria and cause illness for you and your loved ones.


However, for more serious problems and stoppages, I would still suggest calling in a professional to avoid making things worse.  For stopped up drains, call in the best drain cleaning service in South FL like Douglas Orr Plumbing!