Drain Cleaning

We all know that one of the most common plumbing issues is drain cleaning. There are several problems that can arise and it is best to call your local Drain Cleaning Fort lauderdale service once you notice signs of blockage.

Drain Cleaning Fort Lauderdale Professionals Are Here to Help

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Call an Experienced Drain Cleaner in Fort Lauderdale

Homes need annual maintenance which includes leak detection and drain cleaning. Over time, homewowners often discover clogged drains which could lead to bigger plumbing repairs and more expense in the future.
So, what are the causes of these clogs?  Blocked drains are often caused by:

    • Solidified fat, oil and grease
    • Build-ups inside the pipes made of leaves, silt and litter
    • Large objects being flushed like diapers, sanitary pads, etc.
    • Tree rots that find their way into pipes through the side wall or a joint

Warning Signs of Clogged Drains You Should Be Aware Of

    • Water fills up in the shower when in use and drains slowly.
    • Your toilet doesn’t flush well. Water level continues to rise and takes an extended period of time before it normalizes.
    • Bad odor coming from kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

Don’t wait for these problems to get worse. Douglas Orr Plumbing is equipped with high end equipment like cameras, sewer jetters and more to clear your drain of clogs and solve all your plumbing concerns before they get worse.
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