Bathtub Plumbing in Fort Lauderdale a Small Cost in Remodel Project

Woman in BathtubIncreasing a home’s resale value is paramount in today’s dismal housing market. One sure way to motivate interest in the home is to remodel the bathroom. Even a small bathroom remodel by replacing the vanity, tub and shower can increase the value of the home more than a new sunroom addition, a family room addition, a master suite addition, or the addition of a single car garage. (Data based on Remodeling Magazine April 2014 edition.) The bathtub plumbing in Fort Lauderdale  A total remodel for a bathroom should run about $15,000.

Bathtubs come in various sizes and costs. This quote for a bathtub replacement is for a standard steel/porcelain 60 inch bathtub, costs for local delivery to the job site, costs of preparing the site for the bathtub replacement, costs for job cleanup and removal of materials and old fixtures, and hourly charges for labor. The total costs of a bathtub replacement entirely depends upon the cost of the new bathtub.

The bathtub is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It sets the tone and mood for the bathing experience. If you are desiring a spa-like retreat, the standard $700 bathtub will not be as satisfying as splurging on the beautiful contemporary 64 inch soaking bath by Emy that retails for $2600. Remember while figuring your costs that you will probably only do this one time in your lifetime, and will be using this appliance daily. It may be in your best interest to get exactly what your heart desires, instead of the mid-price range bathtub seen in any bathroom on the block.

Costs can change when you add the labor and materials for a tub surround, possible modifications for your walls, and new tiles for the floor and walls. If you need the floor to be changed, this will increase costs as well. Plumbing costs can expand if you need new pipes for your new bathtub, in case the old ones aren’t large enough.  The new tub may require a new hot water heater or an upgrade for the increase in hot water usage.

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