12 Things You Have to Know About Bathtub Plumbing and Installations in Your Ft Lauderdale Home

bathtub plumbingYou’ve finally bought a new tub, hooray!  You can’t wait to soak in it, give playful baths to your kids and even redesign your bathing area.

However, being an average resident in your quiet Broward County FL neighborhood with no plumbing background, you should call in the experts to work on the installations of your new fixtures.  It is best though to have a basic idea on bathtub plumbing and how it’s done.

  1. Examine your flooring – Before your plumber makes any installations, there must be no leaks on the floorboard. If there are, these should be replaced.
  2. Pipes should be installed correctly – These should be accurately done before the tub is placed.
  3. Check for leaks – This is done by turning on the water. Immediate repairs of leakages should be made if there are any.
  4. Areas should be sealed – Silicone is used to prevent water damage around the tub area.
  5. Bathtub should be properly installed – Keep an eye that this is put into place correctly on the floor and not on the rim of the bathing area.
  6. Supporting frame should also be made – The size of this depends on how big your tub is, but it is mainly made of wood. The tub is placed inside once completed.
  7. Nail the tub – The bathtub is fastened by galvanized nails through flanges.
  8. Sliding the tub – Slide it with the help of plastic shims and make sure it is leveled. Mark the top of the nailing flange.
  9. Ledger board positioning – Prepare your ledger board and position them correctly.
  10. Length measurement – Gather the drainage pipes and fit them in the tub in order to measure the required length.
  11. Install ledger boards – Install these on the marked locations while adding galvanized nails to prevent rusting on the tub.
  12. Test your drains – Turn on the water and test your drainage system to locate any leaks before finishing the walls and the shower head.

It is a bit complicated, so it’s best to call in the expert Fort Lauderdale plumbers, like Douglas Orr Plumbing to install your new tubs or fixtures hassle free. You can be confident that the job will get done right efficiently and correctly!

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